OTG USB Sync Battery Charger Dock Holder with External Mouse Keyboard Function , For LG Optimus G Pro / E980 / E985 / F240(Silver)

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1) Dock is provided with charging and OTG functions

2) Both of which can be realized through change-over switch

3) Dock can make it possible to realize the charging for the separate battery with external battery charging chute

4) Data synchronization and at the back of dock

5) The data can be transmitted to your pc synchronously when charging your phone through connection

6) OTG connection of dock charger can make it easy to download your photos or the data of USB flash disk from digital camera

7) Dock Charger can also realize the function of external mouse and keyboard

8) Dock Supports charing and data syncing

9) Dock Supports OTG

10) Angle and provides convenient access on your desk


1) Material: ABS

2) Input: 5.0V / 1.6A

3) Output: 5.0V / 1.6A

4) Size: 110mm x 48mm x 45mm

5) Compatible with: LG Optimus G Pro / E980 / E985 / F240

Package Included:

1) 1 x 3 in 1 Dock

2) 1 x USB cable (Micro USB, length: 0.9m)