iPhone 7 Battery Replacement

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iPhone 7 Battery Replacement - Premium Long Life Battery

* Includes Free Battery Replacement Tool Set

Battery Specifications:

Phone Model:
iPhone 7                                  
Battery Type: Long Life Li-Polymer                                   
Battery Grade: AAA
Battery Capacity 1960 mAh                                        
Battery Input Voltage: 3.82 Volts                                    
Voltage Limit:
4.35 Volts                                      
Charging Cycles: +550
Charging Time: 2-3 Hours                                  
Standby Time:
8 Days                                        
CE & FC                                      
Circuitry: DuaI IC                                     

*  Includes Battery Replacement Tool Kit
*  2 Year Battery Replacement Warranty

iPhone 7 Battery Replacement

Just in case you're feeling as if your iPhone 7 does not work, like it did when it was brand-new, then don't worry. As an iPhone user, you probably take pleasure in the look and feel of your phone and relish the productivity and enjoyability a iPhone offers towards both your organisation and personal life. Nevertheless, there is a single insurmountable and really typical iPhone users grievance, which is the limited iPhone 7 battery life.

Depending on the iPhone 7 and how you utilize your phone, and the typical use time of a iPhone 7 battery life, that is completely charged, can vary substantially. A heavy iPhone 7 user, for example, might need to charge their iPhone 7 battery once or twice every day. If your iPhone 7 battery is revealing disappointing signs of usage, you'll have to pay about $49.99-$74.95 for a iPhone 7 battery replacement from Apple.

The useful tips and ideas below can be valuable for minimizing the iPhone 7 battery drain, that takes place every day while conserving typical iPhone 7 functions and operation as much as possible. Hopefully it will help you to enhance and extend the iPhone 7 battery life as much as possible.

Below are some practical pointers to minimize your iPhone 7 battery drain

Optimizing the iPhone 7 settings is the single crucial element to slow the battery drain which will help extend the every day life of your iPhone 7 battery with some instant effects. Make sure your iPhone 7 software application is always approximately date with the current software application, given that Apple might continuously optimize the iOS, which can assist improve your iPhone 7 battery life.

If you wish to charge your iPhone as rapidly as possible, utilize an iPhone 7 quick charger, if possible. The chargers wattage ranking will be various, which will not trigger the normal delay of a regular battery charger, which takes a little bit more time for an iPhone standard charger to absolutely charge an iPhone 7. If time is not something your worried about, then, you can charge your iPhone with the standard iPhone battery charger.

Normally Apple will cover the cost of a brand-new iPhone 7 battery if it is defective and the iPhone 7 is still under warranty. A new iPhone 7 is just under guarantee for a year after your purchase of the iPhone 7. You can purchase a iPhone 7 battery replacement set if you are comfy replacing your own iPhone 7 battery. A how to educational video can supply simple instructions on changing the iPhone 7 battery in your iPhone 7.

If you have not replaced an iPhone 7 battery previously, then be sure to observe and follow the guidelines carefully. The iPhone 7 battery is located in the back of the iPhone 7, which can be accessed quickly, once you get rid of the back cover of the iPhone 7, which is protected with screws.

Make sure you follow the best practices of the iPhone 7's care guide from the manufactuer. And discover how to best look after your iPhone 7 correctly. You must also avoid exposing your iPhone 7 to direct sunlight and to heats. The heat will also hurt your iPhone 7 battery life. You must likewise keep the iPhone 7 away from areas where it may be exposed to liquids or severe conditions.

Depending on the iPhone 7 and how you use your iphone 5, the typical use time of a iPhone 7 battery life, that is fully charged, can differ significantly. A heavy iPhone 7 user, for example, may have to charge their iPhone 7 battery once or two times every day.

If you are comfy changing your own iPhone 7 battery, you can purchase a iPhone 7 battery replacement kit and do it on your own.