iPhone 5s LCD Touch Screen Digitizer Replacement - White Frame

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White Frame Housing

iPhone 5s LCD Touch Screen Digitizer Replacement - Complete Glass Screen With LCD Assembly Console - White Frame Kit

Cell Phones are among the most common personal technology items in the world, which combines convenience, portability, with powerful features.

Shattered LCD ScreenAnyone that owns a iPhone knows that heart stopping feeling at the moment of dropping your iPhone, when the phone leaves your hand and hits the ground. You pray and hope your protective case and tempered glass managed to absorb the impact and save it from a cracked screen and damaged LCD Display as well as a costly repair at the official iPhone repair center. A estimate of the costs can be upwards of $125 with a 3-5 day wait at the service center, not to mention the possible data loss.

Replacing the complete Screen LCD Assembly is always a much better option, than only replacing the iPhone's glass screen. Why? Because to seperate the glass screen from the LCD housing assemble, can damage or further damage, the LCD display functionality during the removal of the broken glasss screen. It is always best to replace the complete Glass Screen and LCD Display Console.

* This Glass Screen LCD Digitizer Replacement is only Compatible for the iPhone 5s Model •

You can replace your screen yourself and save!
It's a fraction of the current Apple Repair cost of $125.00 or more.
Repair at your convenience - there is no scheduling an appointment.
Replace your broken glass yourself and save more.
Ion-strengthened optically clear glass lens.
It's the lowest cost option for a screen repair.
1-2 hours to complete the installation - Experience is always recomended.
Warranty - 100% guaranteed parts.
Buying a repair kit gets your device up and running again.

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iPhone 5s Screen Replacement - White FrameThis product replaces a broken, cracked or damaged glass screen and complete LCD display. If you have dead pixels, discolored spots, or unresponsive touch, this complete Screen Replacement with the LCD display assembly, is what is needed to restore to new condition, the touch screen and the display functionality of the iPhone. A new lcd screen replacement will look amazing, all the colors will be accurate, and the improved touch controls will be just as good in quality as the original. The screen and lcd pixel damage will be restored to the original condition.

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This Replacement Product Includes the Complete Pre-Assembled Screen Glass with the LCD and Digitizer Assembly Console
Pre-attached small parts - front camera bracket, flex cushion, proximity bracket, earpiece mesh, etc.
Certified Tool Kit - proprietary screwdrivers, picks
Access to instructions and tips. This is a good complete smart phone screen repair solution !

*** iPhone 5s Version: This Glass Screen LCD Replacement Console is not compatible with any other iPhone model other than the iPhone 5s version. If you are not sure of your iPhone model, please check the rear of your phone. Please do not confuse your phones model with other iPhone versions.

What's In The Box:

1 Replacement iPhone 5s Glass Screen LCD Digitizer Console of Your Selected Color (Black or White Frame)
1 Set of Installation Tools
1 Year Product Replacement Warranty