iPhone 5 Screen Protector - 2 Pack Tempered Glass

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SuperShield® Protection

Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 5/5C/5S/SE - 2 Pack

The Taytech® premium SuperShield® screen protector, protects your iPhone 5/5C/5S/SE screen from scratches and direct impacts from accidental falls and absorbs lots of the direct screen impact, providing a good extra layer of long lasting screen protection for your device. The world's thinnest tempered glass screen protector (0.33mm) for iPhone 5/5C/5S/SE is 100% touch accurate and compatible with 3 Dimensional Touch. The Screen Protector will fully cover the iPhone 5/5C/5S/SE's newest display, and is very case friendly because of the open edge design of the screen protector. Use your favorite case and keep your screen protected at all times.

The premium tempered glass screen shield is coated with hydrophobic and oleophobic clear layers, the glass protects against sweat and oil residue from fingers, all the while keeping your phone screen in pristine condition, all day long.  The installation of the screen protector is a worry free install. Watch the video below to insure a good and accurate installation, on how to correctly install your screen protector. You can also view other tutorials on our website to learn much more.

The Screen Protector also includes a no hassle warranty that provides lifetime protection, while preserving the new condition of the original screen on your device.

Before Installing the Tempered Glass Screen Protector, always remember to:

  • First clean your hands with soap and water, to avoid transfering dirt, grime or oil from hands to the screen
  • Make sure to clean the screen thoroughly using the included wet & dry wipes
  • Peel off the clear protective layer from the new screen protector before applying the protector onto the phone
  • Then, place the screen protector onto the screen slowly

iPhone 5  Installation Video Tutorial #1--------------------------iPhone 5  Installation Video Tutorial #2

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Package Contents:

2 Tempered Glass Screen Protectors
Wet & Dry Cleaning Cloths
2 Year Product Warranty