High Power WiFi Router POE 48V Mini Dual Band 2.4GHz, 5.0GHz 750Mbps Ceiling WiFi Coverage Bridge Repeater, 5V 3A USB Adapter (Gold)

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1. Support both 2.4G and 5G band;
2. 2.4G transmission power is 13dbm-14.5dbm, 5G transmission power is 22-25dbm;
3. 2.4G EVM is less than 32, 5G EVM is less than 30;
4. Adopt the original creation D/A temperature compensated auto frequency control technology, make sure the lasting stability that the WiFi signal is not dropped;
5. Original creation VDNS virtual domain configuration technology to solve the usera??s trouble of configuration;
6. Support two kinds of power supply, DC5V/3A power supply and POE power supply, the high performance DC power supply is included in the original factory;
7. Support WiFi router and WiFi intelligent bridge mode;
8. In WiFi intelligent bridge mode, WiFi bridge mode type can be intelligently controlled:
- WiFi AP client (can be used for WiFi to Wired Ethernet access);
- WiFi hot spot (it is suit for hotel room use);
- WiFi signal repeater (it can be used to extend WiFi signal coverage range,
environmental and safe)
9. In WiFi intelligent bridge mode, supports WiFi hot spots scan automatically and WiFi hot spot memory function;
10. In WiFi router mode, 1WAN and 1LAN, two ports can be exchanged;
11. Support 802.11ac, 802.11n WiFi transmission protocol;
12. WiFi Transmission rate: 2.4G 300Mbps, 5G 450Mbps;
13. 2.4G no barrier point to point transmission distance is 100m, 5G no barrier point to point transmission distance 500m;
14. Good compatibility, almost compatible with all smart phones, tablet PCs, aptops, Internet and other WiFi devices.