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We repair and replace:  Broken LCD & Touch screens - Batteries - Liquid exposure - Recover stuck or looped Apple startup issues and more! All iPhone screen replacements are OEM compatible with your iPhone.


Many of us do not relize that a iphone is a fragile device that is made to withstand an accidental drop on the floor, but the constant mishandling of your cell phone can cause the screen to crack and or distort the original functionality of the LCD display screen. iphone glass screen repairs

Cell Phone Shop understands how important your smart phone devices and tablets are to you. Our certified technicians will replace your broken iPhone screen or glass and send it back to you usually within 24 hours with a tracking number.

The cellphone connects us to the rest of the world. If your iPhone breaks, it can hurt and we totally understand. We will get your device up and running in no time, with no hassles.

We are an electronic device repair facility that uses cutting edge techniques to repair your device back to its original funtionality.

iphone repair We specialize in replacing the LCD Screen for the following types of iPhone:

iPhone 4, iPhone 4S
iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S
iPhone 6, iPhone 6S
iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone X, Screen Replacement Only (No LCD)

Your Price For The Complete iPhone LCD Screen Console Replacement:

Screen Replacement Labor: $39.00
Screen Replacement Part: $24.00
Return Shipping Cost: $ 5.95
Total Parts and Labor Cost: $68.95

Our experienced technicians are highly trained and qualified to perform the LCD touchscreen replacement of your iPhone. We use only the highest quality parts for all of our repairs and we stand behind our work with the industry's best warranty.

iphone screen

iphone screen repair near meIf Cell Phone Shop does your smartphone repair, you can be confident that you are getting the best service at the lowest price around. We would love to replace your cell phone screen and restore the functionallity of your phone to its original condition. Afterwards we will send your iphone back to you as good as new within 24 hours.

Every iPhone LCD replacement, that is performed by us, is also backed by our 1 year warranty.


*Order Instructions

1) Payment:
After payment for your order, you will receive a shipping label. Please print and attach the label to your package.

2) Packaging Your Smartphone:
Please pack your smartphone in a small protective box or packing envelope (bubble wrap) the kind that is usually found at Staples or Office Depot. Small 1st Class or Priority Mail Boxes are also usually available from the Post Office free of charge

3) Shipping Your Smartphone:
Send your device to us, USPS 1st Class Package or USPS Priority Mail. Your device will usually arrive at our location within 2-3 days, via USPS 1st Class Package or USPS Priority Mail. Please obtain a tracking number for your shipment.

4) The Return Of Your Smartphone:
We will ship your device back to you the day after it is received by us (Monday-Saturday). Please note that when we ship your device back to you (with a tracking number), it will usually arrive at your destination, within 2-3 days (Monday-Saturday).

5) Please Call Us:
If you would like to call us to confirm receipt or the status of your cellphone or if you want to speak with a technician or discuss additional services for your order at 619-482-0977.

6) Data Backup:
Please be sure to backup any important data that may be in your device. The iPhone screen repair and replacement of the LCD Screen does not affect any data in your smartphone. But, it is always a good idea to create some sort of personal backup file, if you feel a need to do so.


How To Repair A Broken iPhone Screen Cost Effectively

Your iPhone is still one of the most popular mobile phones in use and anyone that owns a iPhone understands its innovation and would agree that it provides many incredible features, but it is still vulnerable to typical iphone problems like, iphone screen repair. Every day, hundreds of iPhones are dropped and otherwise have their iphone screen damaged. Breaking or damaging the iPhone lcd or its lcd display screen may not completly stop the phone from working, however it will certainly make it, a little harder to use and extremely unsafe to utilize.

Here are some signs to keep an eye out for; if the iPhone is on, however the screen is black. If your iPhone rings, however you can't respond to the telephone call. And if you've tried unsuccessfully resetting your iPhone, letting it run out of battery power and turning it back on, but the iPhone screen is still not responding, then you are experiencing problems associated with a iphone repair.

The entire display of your iPhone is removable, however it's a lot more complex than you may believe! There are 4 major components incorporated into your iPhone's display. Each of the components of your iPhone's display has a separate adapter that plugs into your iPhone's internal pc circuitry board. That's why you might be able to slide your finger along the screen with your finger, although the screen is greyed out or black, the digitizer is working, however the LCD is not.

iPhone Repairs Made Simple

There are many other cases where iphone repairs are not so simple, which is when the LCD itself may be damaged. When that takes place, it doesn't matter if the LCD is connected to its circuitry board or not, it's damaged and it is needing to be changed. If your iPhone screen stopped working after it got wet, your screen is probably black due to the fact that the LCD is moisture damaged and needs a iphone lcd repair to restore it, to its original functionality.

If the LCD is broken, then that's another story. It can be very expensive to fix your iPhone screen, especially if you go through the manufactuer for the iphone lcd repair. If you're trying to find a high quality and less-expensive iphone glass repair option, then we can help repair your iPhone and provide you a 2 year guarantee. But, if you think your iPhone LCD ribbon connector cable has just become dislodged from the circuitry board and maybe you're a little tech-savvy, and going to a local repair store, isn't a choice, then reconnecting the ribbon cable to the main circuit board isn't that challenging, if you have the right tools.

Let's say; that you need to repair iphone 5s screen... We can assist. We understand how frustrating it is when you get a new iPhone and within a short amount of time, you've already caused some sort of damage to it, or it simply stops working because of a broken iphone screen. Then eliminate the boring hassle of a journey to the repair shop by working with Cell Phone Shop's certified iPhone screen repair technicians, which are always ready to assist or perform your iphone glass repair anytime. Whatever the problem, CellPhoneShop will have your iPhone repaired, and back up and running within 24 hours, and on its way back to you.

For all its futuristic functions and abilities, the iPhone still has the age old smartphone vulnerable cracked iphone screen problem. That suggests you'll probably need a iPhone repair at some point in time, in the future. Whether you've dropped it while taking it out of your shirt or pants pocket or maybe you spilled your morning coffee all over it, Cell Phone Shop can reverse that damage. We fix iPhone's and make them work like new, when you first purchased it. We provide iPhone screen replacements, repairs for the malfunctioning iphone camera, and even side button repairs; carried out by our qualified repair professionals, each of whom is on call for repair work or replacement services.

Dealing With A Smashed iPhone Screen

Without a doubt one of the most typical concerns an iPhone user will experience is a cracked iphone screen. It does not take much to cause the phone start experiencing some display issues, as most smartphone owners can vouch for. Acknowledging this, CellPhoneShop has paid very special attention while training each of our certified iPhone screen repair specialists to make sure that each iPhone screen replacement and repair is done as rapidly, effectively, professionaly and efficiently as possible. We know how unpleasant it can be to live with an iPhone that is partially unusable because of a smashed iphone screen, dead pixels, or a cracked screen, so don't let another day go by without sending your iphone repair problem, to the professionals to repair your iPhone cracked screen, we are here when you need us.

We understand how frustrating it is to deal with a damaged mobile phone, however with our iPhone screen repair work and iPhone replacement services, you can get your iPhone back into full working conditions without spending a bundle of your hard earned money to fix your phone. We also provide repairs for the other components of your Iphone that are no longer functioning the way they were, when your phone was new.
Whatever your repair concerns are, our iPhone repair technicians can get it repaired and back to you in no time flat. Contact us and we'll complete your new iphone screen order, or your other iPhone related problems , as soon as possible.

If you have ever called around to get a cracked iphone repair price estimate for your iPhone repair, you already understand how difficult it can be to decipher just exactly what you're spending your money for. The typical repair service cost to change or replace an iPhone screen can be about $139.00 or more. CellPhoneShop is a full service cellular phone parts and accessories provider. We take every effort to find the most cost effective solution for our customer's iPhone screen replacement requirements.

iPhone LCD Repair Made Simple

As alternative, Cell phone shop also provides everything you may need to do a iPhone Screen repair, on your own. Whether you need a iphone repair kit or need to us to fix cracked iphone screen for you, CellPhoneShop will deliver a high quality option at a budget friendly price. Whether or not you choose to order a part or repair, you can be assured that they will have all of the same functions of the original parts in your iPhone.

Depending upon where you are located, there can be a lengthy waiting list for a screen replacement service, but for iPhone owners without a local repair shop close by, our mail-in service is readily available, with a 24 hr. turn-around time guarantee. And as you know, it can always be a great idea to have a spare phone, to use as a backup phone, when your iPhone is temporarily out of service.

You can quickly and easily start a mail in repair online today, to get your iPhone or other mobile device repaired and more. Due to the fact that quality is at the core of our repair service, your repair will include a screen protector, to safeguard your Iphone from future screen repairs.

For some iPhone owners, it may be possible that the some iPhone repair services may not be currently available in their area, due to the fact that the need for the parts in some cases may be high and replacement displays can, in some cases, be a little challenging to come by, for some areas. And with no way to purchase parts directly from Apple, sourcing the parts from a third-party provider can be one of the only choices for an independent service center that wants the ability to perform iPhone repairs for their clients.

But, we fully understand just how much you enjoy your iphone, and we realize how much you have invested in it. To prevent the expense of needing to purchase a new phone sooner than you would expect, Cell Phone Shop, provides for you, all of our services including iphone lcd repair at some of the most competitive prices around for your iPhone. There are a lot more products and services in addition to lcd repair work and screen replacements.

A Cracked iPhone Screen Repair Can Be Completed Easily

There are probably hundreds of locations providing repair work for your iPhone, however how can you choose the best cellphone service technicians, the real pro's at a well established service shop, where you can buy parts or services and mail in, your iPhone quickly and securely?

A recent consumer poll, conducted last year, suggested that smart phone users who use a discounted mail in repair service, that's reputable and quality oriented, could save as much as 50% for a broken iphone screen, when compared to the big box boutique repair stores, which can charge $179.00 to repair some iPhone models. A certified service provider for an iPhone repair, uses Apple training guidelines and provide oem produced components. So, a mobile phone part furnished by a certified technician, is an exact match and compatible to the parts of the original phone.

The iphone repair process can be as simple as clicking your mouse button and selecting your iPhone model and then order the repair service that you need. Our certified iPhone repair technicians are available online to accept you repair order 24 hour a day. Forget about long trips to the repair center, or the overpriced repair boutiques at the shopping center; any time and whenever you need an iphone screen replacement kit, Cell Phone Shop will be there for you. And all of our repairs are backed by a full two year service warranty, ensuring that your replacement lcd screen and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

You can rest assured you will get the very best products or repairs available when you entrust your smart phone repair or replacement parts to CellPhoneShop. We likewise provide a how to guide for your iphone screen repair work, which likewise covers the iphone screen replacement for the iphone model of your choice. At Cell Phone Shop, we value our clients and ensure you are completely satisfied with your iphone repairs. We make sure all the replacement products we offer are of the highest quality.

Easy to work with, awesome price for fixing my iphone 7. I checked some other companies which were almost double the cost. You won’t be disappointed, highly recommend!
Awesome and quick service. I had it back in 3 days. Sent it in to get my cracked screen replaced. They did it right! Would definitely recommend for any repair or replacement need. Thanks!
I am very impressed by the fast and courteous mail in repair to my iphone. It was done when promised and at a lower cost than other outlets. I very much enjoyed talking with them over the phone, when they called to confirm receipt of my iphone. I will definitely use them again. Thanks so much !
Great customer service with excellent quality work. Very impressed with the outcome. Would recommend to anyone.
Their price is unbeatable, the service was with a fast turnaround service. I will definitely go to them from here on out for my iphone needs!
Fast and friendly service here. Very competent and pricing was what I expected for the condition of my phone when I sent it in. I will recommend and use cellphoneshop for future repairs and additional product accessories.
Amazing and good service. Took my iPhone 6s with a smashed screen in and it was fixed like new. Highly recommend!
Turnaround service is great and price is more than reasonably. Will definitely use them again!
Cellphoneshop replaced my iPhone 6 screen and got it back to me in 2 and a half days. I use my iphone for work sometimes, so it was essential to have a good functioning iphone. I used my old flip phone as my back up phone, while my iphone was down. Thank you.
Thank you Cell Phone Shop. We really appreciate it. Paul...
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