CC-3065 QI Standard Appropriative Wireless Charging Cover Case Shell, For Nokia Lumia 925(Yellow)

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Product Introduction
1. This QI standard wireless charging cover is an intelligent product, with simple design and compatible specially with Nokia Lumia 925.
2. You can use this item and QI compatible chargers to charge your Nokia Lumia 925 without plug, which is more convenient and efficient.
3. This cover is lightweight and portable, and can protect your phone from scratch, shock, slip, dust and so on.
4. Got the CE/ERC Certification.
5. Complies with part 15 of the FCC rules and industry Canada licence-exempt RSS standards.
6. Please keep this item in clean, dry, euthermic circumstances.

Use Steps
1. Press the bottom edge of the phone against the bottom coners of the cover;
2. Press the top edge until the cover snaps into place;
3. To remove the cover, you need to bend a top corner of the cover until the cover comes off using your fingers.
Please note that you should make sure both the surface of the charging cover and your phone are clean.