8W 2.4GHz WiFi Signal Extender Broadband Amplifier with Antenna for Wireless Routers

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1. Plug and Play: this broadband amplifier supports plug and play. You just need to screw the antenna and the extended cable, then connect it to a wireless router. No need for driver or software.
2. Wider WiFi Coverage: it adopts dual-sided connection to achieve higher power up to 5W, or 34dBm of single-sided connection plus a 2.4GHz antenna.
3. Signal Booster: after plugging, the signal will cover a very large area, even a school smoothly and stably with no stuck or data missing.
4. Advanced Heat Dissipation: the black spiral fan-shaped appearance makes heat dissipation faster, thus stabilizing the work of the wifi booster and lengthening its service life.
5. Low Noise: adopting small NF ratio lower than 1dB to keep long distance transmission stable and quiet.
6. Multiple Connection Methods: it supports two connections of an amplifier with a router or an amplifier with a wireless wifi adapter. Makes your wireless freer.